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I have to say this is a very elaborate piece of work, and I always love when an artist spends lots of time on his/her work Firstly I wo...

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I have to say this is a very elaborate piece of work, and I always love when an artist spends lots of time on his/her work Firstly I would like to start with the fact that I love the colour scheme! It looks brilliant the way you have contrasted the characters hair colour with there colour of latex and even kept there colour schemas from the show, although personally Im not sure if Wight was the best choice for Erza as I don't think it suits her. I also love the way you have done the clinging effect of the latex (especially on Mira and Lucy) but im not keen on the mouth and eye design. I personally think the mouths should be covered but with something like a ball gag in them, shown by a bulge and there eyes should be left uncovered to show there horror or excitement at there predicament. Despite this I believe the effect has worked wonderfully on Mira and I love the way she has come out. One problem I do have (which I didn't notice at first) is there noses. While Erza's only makes her look like a pig I don't like the way Lucy and Mira look with there slightly rat like noses. Finally I love the poses and think they are incredible! with Erza's being my only complaint as I don't like the way her legs are, but this completely fits her character so I don't actually mind it that much. Overall I love this piece and hope you keep up the good work! Also I hope I did alright as this was my first time righting one of these and I didn't really know what I was suppose to put. Please keep up the good work!

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"How does that taste!" the thug asked, thrusting his cock in and out of Azura's mouth. "MPhhh!!"Azura cried out, not able to breathe properly.  "Now then I want you to swallow it all!" the thug said, grabbing the back of her head and pushing his cock as far as he could in to her throat. "MMMPHHHHhhh!" she screamed as her throat was filled with the man's thick semen. She coughed violently and spat the cum on to the coble floor. "How dare you!" the goon said, grabbing Azura's hair and pulling her on to him. "You must now be punished for not following your orders!" he said as he tore the cloths off her breasts.

"What lovely tits!" he said, grabbing Azura's breasts and squeezing. "GUARD!" he yelled out. "Yes my lord" a guard said, entering the room and looking down at Azura's scared looking form. "Have you ever been given a blowjob of a princess?" the goon asked tying Azura's legs and arms together. Azura's face grew bright red as the goon pinched her hard nipple, nearly cuming from the pleasure. "Here this will help" the goon said, opening Azura's mouth as far as it would go. "Why thank you my lord for this opportunity!" the guard said wiping out his already hard cock.

"Now then, I want you to fuck her throat as hard as you can!" the goon said as the guard slid his dick in to Azura's already slick mouth. "MMRRRPHHHHhhh!" Azura cried out she felt the first man rip the clothing off her ass, and start to insert his cock. "O god!" he cried out, shoving his cock deeper in to her ass. "It's so tight!" he said grabbing her tits and pulling them apart. "My lord, how many times may I cum in her mouth?" the guard questioned with excitement. "As much as you want!" the goon said smacking Azura's ass. "After all this is training!" the goon smiled as she tightened, again cum shooting out of her and on to the floor.

"Training for what?" the guard asked. "She is going to become our next public toilet!" the goon said, shooting his cum deep within her. "You can consider this a free preview before the other guards get to have their go" the goon said smiling at Azura's shocked look of terror. "Did your father not tell you?" the goon asked with mock in his tone. "You are to become a device for stress relive that guards can use at any time they choose, we have had some slaves as such in the past but non as perfect as you" he said spanking her now red ass. "MMMPPHHHhh!" Azure cried out as both men came inside her. "Lunch break!" the goon said shoving Azura on to the floor. "We will continue when I return" he said stopping and turning back to her. "And I might even get you some new friends from out the Forrest" he said, smirking at her look of confusion and walking silently out of the room, leaving Azura tied up in a puddle of cum.
Azuras traning #2 (bondage story)
Game: Fire emblem fates (birthright)      Character: Azura

Happy new year! Hi guys sorry this part isent as long but I have had a lot of work recently (and Christmas) but im hoping to be uploading lots more work and the next parts in series especially the fairy tail ones! As usual I take no credit for the images as I have not created them and all credit goes to its original owner (whoever that may be). Have a great year!
Hi this is my first piece of erotic wrighting so I hope you enjoy it! I might even try to add pictures to the future ones if people enjoy, but sometimes things are best left to the imagination (;

As I strolled back in to the damp room a powerful scent filled my nostrils. "Wow, you truly made a mess didn't you?" I said strolling over to the figure bound to the wall. "Mphmm" she replied the gag firmly fixed in her mouth. "Is that any way to greet your master!" I demanded whipping her then spanking her ass. "MMmphhh!" She squealed apologetically, giving me a look that demanded my full attention. "To think that such a well known and loved celebrity was such a whore!", What would the public think! She gave me a horrified glance that I already new was fake, after all she had come to me. I continued to tease her, knowing it turned her on to know end. "Sophie Turner the sex slave! I can see the head lines now!", she squealed giving in to her wild fantasy's and finally cumming all over the floor, adding to the pool below. How had this happened. When did she enter my life. I looked down at her now twitching body, thinking back to when this had all began. When we had first made our little agreement!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi there my name Jhon and I enjoy writing kinky bondage story's! I love bondage as it is my fetish and I am so happy to have finally found a place where I can show that without being jugged. If you to have a bondage fetish or another fetish people think is weird the please just send me a note if you want to talk about it, as I know it can be hard finding someone who understands how you feel and I have found that sometimes it can be easier just to talk to someone if you don't even have to look them in the eye or know there real face. Also please feel free to explore my page and read my story's! I always love feedback so please leave a comment if you liked any of my work and even some ways you think it could be improved. Enjoy!


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